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Patent medicine series

Hunan Chunguang Jiuhui Modern Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of modern Chinese medicine R & D and manufacturing with completely independent intellectual property rights, which is controlled by Hunan Pharmaceutical Development Investment Group

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Jiangxinling Capsule

function and indications]

Anti-hepatitis drugs, with the effect of reducing alanine aminotransferase. for acute, persistent,

Chronic hepatitis.
[packing specification]]
Boxed (20 tablets) 0.15gX20 tablets/box X200 boxes/piece

Bottled (30 tablets) 0.15gX30 tablets/bottle X200 bottles/piece

Bottled (60 tablets) 0.15gX60 tablets/bottle X200 bottles/piece




Yiqing Granules

function and indications]

Clearing heat, purging fire and detoxifying, removing blood stasis and cooling blood to stop bleeding, used for fire poison blood

HeatCaused by the body heat irritability,Red eyes and mouth sores, sore throat and gums, large

Constipation knot;See above syndromes for pharyngitis, tonsillitis and gingivitisperson.

[packing specification]]

Packing specification: 7.5gX6 bags/box per bag.










Compound Tianma Granules

function and indications]

To strengthen the brain and settle the nerves. For insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia, and high blood pressure

causedDizzy headache.

[packing specification]]
Boxed (8 bags) 15gX8 bags/box X120 boxes/pieces






Danshen Shuxin Capsule

function and indications]

Activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis, calming the nerves, for coronary heart diseasecaused by angina pectoris, chest tightness andpalpitations, etc.

[packing specification]]
Boxed (20 tablets) 0.3gX20 tablets/box X200 boxes/piece
Boxed (30 tablets) 0.3gX30 tablets/box X200 boxes/piece







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